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Mariana Coello

Mariana is an Investment Officer at IDB Invest in Honduras, which she joined in 2017. She is responsible for developing new businesses and structuring sustainable projects in Honduras in sectors such as transportation, energy, water and sanitation, social infrastructure, agribusiness, telecommunications, media and technology, manufacturing, tourism and financial institutions. Before joining the IDB Group, she was Head of Corporate Business and SMEs in the credit area of Banco Ficensa, where she managed and structured projects in various sectors, acquiring more than fourteen years of experience in corporate banking. Mariana earned a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) from Florida International University (USA) and two master’s degrees in business management and Public Management from Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana (UNITEC), and a professional degree in agribusiness administration engineering from Escuela Agrícola Panamericana (both in Honduras)

Posts by Mariana Coello

Image showing three hispanic women during a business meeting
Inclusive Procurement 101: How to Integrate Women into Supply Chains

Inclusive supply chains that integrate women suppliers, mainly women-led or -owned SMEs, drive economic growth, employment and business benefits, while creating an opportunity to build partner loyalty and offer new perspectives and ideas for innovation.

Honduras, Where Low-Emission Manufacturing is Made Possible

Manufacturing is one of the main money-making, job-creating sectors in Central America. The current prices of renewable energy and the adoption of efficient practices are starting to cut the path towards carbon-low manufacturing, a competitive edge that could lead to export markets.