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Carlos Almiro Melo

Carlos is Director of Sustainability & Risk Management at BRK Ambiental. For over 10 years, he has held leadership positions in infrastructure companies. He lived 7 years in Europe leading the sustainability practice of a spin-off center sponsored by four multinationals (Santander, Mapfre, Telefônica and 3M). In BRK, he leads the ESG Strategy and Corporate Risk Cycle. Carlos is graduated in Administration, MsC in Administration and Doctorate in Sustainable Development and Climate Change from Universidad de Alcalá – Madrid – Spain.

Posts by Carlos Almiro Melo

Image of a plumber working on a dish washer
The Liquid of Life: Estimating the Health Impacts of Water and Sanitation Services in Brazil

Access to clean water and sanitation clearly has a positive impact on people’s health. It is still important to measure the magnitude of these benefits to truly understand this impact and help guide private sector investments to where they are needed most, as shown in our new study focused on Brazil.