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Agustina Zamprile

Agustina Zamprile is a senior analyst at Acrux Partners, an advisory firm focused on impact investment in Latin America. The firm advises investors, banks, governments, and non-profit organizations on diversifying their sustainable and impact investment strategies and their implementation, including impact management, measurement, and reporting aligned with international standards and best practices. Agustina has experience in various sectors, including government, academia, private, and NGOs. Before joining Acrux, she coordinated impact entrepreneurship acceleration programs at Hacela Rodar. In her professional career, she has worked in statistics and research at the Observatory of Social Debt in Argentina (ODSA), as a public opinion analyst (Poliarquía), and as an advisor to councilors in the Morón City Council. She holds a degree in Political Science from the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina (UCA).

Posts by Agustina Zamprile

Composición fotográfica con la imagen de una emprendedora
A Woman Entrepreneur Gets a Loan, What Happens Next? Track the Impact to Find Out

For most women-led MSMEs simply getting a loan is a struggle. What happens to those that do? Do their businesses grow and create jobs? For banks in the region, capturing information about the impact of these loans can help them better serve women and tap into the growing impact investing market.