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Marielle del Valle

Marielle del Valle is a Development Effectives Officer at IDB Invest. She works on the structuring, supervision and evaluation of projects with financial intermediaries and investments funds, and of trade finance operations, ensuring they promote social and economic benefits for the region. Prior to joining IDB Invest she worked as a consultant in the Office of Strategic Planning and Development Effectiveness and the Vice presidency of Countries of the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB), and as senior economic specialist at the Central Bank of Peru. She has a Master’s degree in International Development and Public Administration from Harvard University.

Posts by Marielle del Valle

Image of ships at a trade port
How Trade Finance Boosts Access to Credit for Smaller Businesses and Food Security

Most of the world’s commerce depends on trade finance. However, the global trade finance gap surged to an estimated $2.5 trillion in 2022, widened by the pandemic and ongoing economic and geopolitical uncertainty. Narrowing this gap can have a positive impact on two pressing challenges facing the region: limited access to finance for SMEs and mounting food insecurity.

Boosting Financial Inclusion for the Most Vulnerable Through Social Bonds

Thematic bonds—and transparently measuring and reporting their impact—are a powerful tool for mobilizing resources and deepening financial inclusion for microenterprises within the most vulnerable groups of society who have yet to be served by the financial sector.

Financial Inclusion with a Sustainable Focus

Success stories of sustainable banking services pave the way for possible competitors and new players in the financial sector. There are few bigger success stories than Banco Familiar’s in Paraguay.