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We help to finance international trade and boost the benefits of the global economy.

  • Since 2005, we have provided financial solutions such as loans and guarantees and technical advice to facilitate access of banks in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) to the international markets of trade finance.
  • We expand and diversify the financing sources available to exporting and importing companies in LAC, supporting their internationalization and ensuring liquidity in times of volatility and uncertainty.
  • We work with banks around the world. Our clients are Latin America and the Caribbean financial intermediaries (LACFIs). Our partners are global financial intermediaries (GFIs) that offer trade finance in LAC. During TFFP’s 15 years of life, we have built a sustained and sustainable network of relationships to benefit LAC companies and the economy in the region.


15 years of network growth

During each of its three phases – origination, expansion and consolidation – the TFFP has grown by successfully designing solutions to support our clients’ international trade:


(guarantees in US dollars)

  1. The starting point

    • The TFFP started as an economic stimulus program. The first partial guarantee was issued to Banco Industrial e Comercial de Brasil (BIC Banco), to finance the country’s foreign trade.

  2. Total guarantee

    • TFFP turned into a permanent program and increased the coverage level of its guarantees from 90% to 100%.

  3. Inclusion of small banks

    • Smaller LACFIs were included in the TFFP network.

  4. New products

    • The TFFP integrated loans into its product offer and issued guarantees in Euros, Yen and Swiss Francs.

    • The TFFP delivered in person trade finance workshops to local financial intermediaries and their clients.

  5. First recognitions

    • The first syndicated loan is disbursed to BicBanco de Brazil.

    • Awards from Global Trade Review – Best Deal of the Year.

    • Trade Finance magazine - Deal of the Year and Award for Excellence.

  6. Expanding the horizons

    • First co-financing agreement signed with Standard Chartered Bank.

    • Another Award for Excellence from Trade Finance Magazine.

  7. Businesses in Asia

    • Second co-financing agreement signed with China Exim Bank.

    • Disbursement of first co-financing with Standard Chartered Bank for US$10 million.

    • Best Transaction of the Year and Award for Excellence from Trade Finance magazine.

  8. Unstoppable

    • The credit guarantees issued reached US$754.6 million.

  9. Historical growth

    • Loans and guarantees issued/disbursed for a total of US$1.213 Billion.

  10. Intra regional mobilization

    • First syndicated loan with a B lender from LAC.

    • First cultural immersion program with China for financial intermediaries.

    • First online foreign trade course open to the public, free of charge.

  11. A decade of new achievements

    • Record year of mobilization for US$ 473 million.

    • First loan syndicated with an Asian B lender.

    • Second cultural immersion program, this time with Korea.

    • Third co-financing agreement with the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID).

    • First training for financial intermediaries on structured finance for trade and financing of commodities.

  12. New bank and more resources

    • The TFFP limit is increased from US$1B to US$1.5B.

    • Record syndicated loan with BanReservas for US$130 million and 14 lenders of B loans.

    • IDB Group’s private sector offer is consolidated under IDB Invest, which assumes the management of the TFFP.

  13. Impact and accountability

    • A new tool is implemented to measure in a more robust manner the program’s development impact.

  14. Betting on sustainability

    • First Environmental, Social and Corporate Sustainability (SEG) contest and first participation of the winning financial intermediary in IDB Invest’s Sustainability Week.

    • Approvals for US$1B with the participation of 17 LAC countries.

  15. Record year

    • Approvals reach US$1.2 Billion with the involvement of 17 LAC countries.

    • Second ESG contest and participation of the winning financial intermediary in IDB Invest’s Sustainability Week.

  16. New initiatives, more resources

    • Roll-out of thematic financing transactions focused on priority areas, for example, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), green finance, loans, and women-led companies.

    • TFFP’s limit is doubled, from US$1.5 Billion to US$3 Billion in response to the COVID-19 crisis.



A more prosperous region

Since 2005 through October 31, 2020, the TFFP facilitated a total of 16,596 underlying transactions of trade finance in LAC for approximately US$12.3B in value.

TFFP growth (2005 – October 31, 2020)


+130 GFIs

Global Financial Intermediaries
41 countries
45 regional GFIs in 16 countries

125 LACFIs

Latin American and Caribbean Financial Intermediaries

US$4.5 Billion

Credit lines available


Countries in LAC


471 Loans
1804 Guarantees
US$1.7 Billion of
Core Mobilization

Through B-lenders & insurance


US$12.3 Billion

Trade-realted Underlying Transactions(UTs)


of UTs in less developed countries


of UTs supporting more than 15 thousand SMEs


of UTs supporting intraregional trade

The credibility earned by the TFFP and its positive impact on the region's economies explain the strong growth the program has experienced since its beginning. The TFFP has expanded, both in the number of operations and in product diversification (loans and guarantees), as well as the participation of financial intermediaries.

Since its beginning in 2005 to May 2020, through a network of more than 248 financial institutions the TFFP has mobilized up to US$1.7 billion aimed at facilitating foreign trade of LAC countries and improving their economies and quality of life of their citizens. Approximately 62% of this amount went to the least developed countries in the region.

The financing of this vital trade volume has been possible thanks to the collaboration of 130 GFIs from 41 countries and 118 LACFIs that opened lines of credit of up to US$4B in 22 countries of the region.

Historical numbers of the TFFP Program – Data from 2005 to October 31, 2020

TPPF Transactions by Type of Product by Country

  • Regional: Loans for US$250B

  • MM: Millions

*Accumulated transactions from 2005 to October 2020. Approvals include issued guarantees and disbursed A loans. All amounts in US Dollars.

*pre / post financing, export letters of credit

**pre / post import, impott letters of credit


*Includes US branches of international institutions.

Clients across the region

As a result of progressive growth during the 15 years of the program, the TFFP currently has an extensive network of clients in Latin America and the Caribbean.


In recognition of the 15 years of the TFFP, IDB Invest has launched the 2020 TFFP Awards to acknowledge the quality and excellence of participating banks and their commitment to the development goals. The awards granted to banks are: