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The Latin American and Caribbean region has about 27.5 million MSMEs, of which some 26.2 million are micro enterprises. The overall funding gap for MSMEs is estimated to be $1.2 trillion. In 2017, this gap was the second largest in the world, smaller only than that of the East Asia region.


Fostering strong, dynamic and growing economies is at the core of IDB Invest’s purpose.

Given the importance of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises for countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, we look for opportunities to unleash MSME growth in every sector of the economy.

One priority is to tackle the critical funding gap that is holding small business back. IDB Invest partners with financial institutions, specialized funds, anchor companies and other intermediaries to increase access to finance for this underserved market and create an environment in which MSMEs across the value chain can take their businesses to the next level. The cumulative effect of this small-scale support will ultimately make a large-scale impact on development.