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Our Sustainability Week Initiative covers three main subject areas.

1. Environmental and social risk management. The focus is on how financial intermediaries can work with their clients to promote sustainable practices.

2. Sustainable infrastructure and agribusiness. This section is geared toward companies in those sectors. 

3. Corporate governance. We provide training to companies on such issues as strong shareholder relations, board efficiency and clear organizational structures.  

Sustainability Week, which brings together hundreds of participants from around the region, grew out of annual training events that IDB Invest (formerly know as the Inter-American Investment Corporation) has held in Latin America and the Caribbean since 1999. Over the last two decades, clients have looked forward to these events as a way to engage with peers who face similar environmental and social challenges and to learn from others about how to convert these risks into opportunities. We help to build relationships, working with a wide range of stakeholders to help clients come up with innovative solutions that give them a competitive advantage.    

We also work at the local level to provide training, as needed. In addition, we have developed an online training course for our financial intermediary clients.  

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