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Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability in Peru

Danper Trujillo

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Investment summary

Danper Trujillo S.A.C


Peru Peru


10 years


$ 38.5 million

Total project cost

$ 66 million

Year of Closing


Project Description

Across Peru-from Piura in the northwest to Arequipa in the southeast—Danper Trujillo grows high-end vegetables, fruits and Andean "superfoods" such as quinoa for export to the farthest reaches of the globe. The company also makes processed foods such as salsas, tapenades and marinated artichokes.

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A joint venture established more than two decades ago with Dan¬¬ish and Peruvian capital (hence the name), Danper employs more than 6,500 people and is on track to keep growing. In 2014, the IDB Group extended a 10-year, $38.5 million loan to help the company reach three goals: increase its agricultural output by adding more asparagus and avocado plantations; improve its infrastructure by upgrading its industrial facilities, installing irrigation systems and enhancing energy efficiency; and strengthen its financial structure by financing working capital and refinancing existing loans.

As part our financial support, the IDB Group provided technical assistance, including energy efficiency and social impact assessments, and advised on the implementation of Danper’s Environmental and Social Management Action Plan.

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Investment in agriculture is a particularly effective way to reduce poverty and advance development. Our advisory services and long-term financing—beyond the average tenor available for this sector in Peru—will enable Danper to make an even bigger positive impact on the communities where it operates.

Danper has a track record for being a leader in inclusive, sustainable business in Peru, creating jobs and boosting exports in a nontraditional agricultural sector. It has a medical clinic for employees and a nongovernmental organization that helps nurture local microenterprises. It has obtained SA8000 certification for meeting international standards on social accountability and is EDGE-certified for gender equality. In short, it is making an impact.


In 2015, Danper obtained international gender equality certification, thanks to IDB Group support.