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There’s no “typical” project or client for us at IDB Invest. Broadly speaking, we want to help companies in Latin America and the Caribbean improve their business performance in a way that will also advance development. Our support can take many different forms—from investing in a subway construction project that will transform an urban area to providing financing for microlenders for high impact at the grassroots.

Across every area of business, we try to add value beyond financing, to help our clients become more competitive, resilient and sustainable. Here are some of our core priorities:

Tackling Climate Change

Governments around the world are taking action on climate change, but turning the hopes of the Paris Agreement into reality will also require the innovation and ingenuity and investment of the private sector. At IDB Invest, we believe climate change is so central to the fabric of business today—both in terms of risks and opportunities—that we are incorporating this issue into everything we do.

Enhancing Gender Equality

When half the population is held back from peak potential, society suffers—and business suffers. We’ve made an all-out commitment to gender equality and diversity because we know that companies are better equipped to succeed when they can harness the energy and capability of their entire workforce, women and men alike. Greater access to opportunity empowers women, furthers development goals, makes businesses more competitive and benefits the bottom line.

Forging Strong Public-Private Partnerships

The combination of fast-growing cities and tight public budgets means private companies are playing a larger role in such sectors as energy, transportation, water, sanitation, education and health. Through a single window, the IDB Group can offer coordinated support to both the public and private sides of the equation to ensure a transparent process, solid regulatory framework and sound financial structure, essential components of effective public-private partnerships.