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Why IDB Invest?

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The IDB Group is investing in the private sector in Latin America and the Caribbean with new energy, new resources and new commitment.

IDB Invest is open for business.

We want to be as dynamic as the region we serve—a region that is fast becoming more urban, more digitally connected, better educated, more widely traveled, with a burgeoning middle class and pent-up demand for goods and services. All this requires a robust, competitive and innovative private sector.

We want to be a better partner to business—more agile, more flexible—to better meet our clients’ needs. We have been retooling ourselves and expanding our presence throughout the region, putting together a strong team that knows the local market and knows business.

As an institution committed to economic growth and social inclusion, the IDB Group understands that development is not just up to governments. The private sector can be—must be—a powerful engine of economic progress and social good.

At IDB Invest, we will build on the rock-solid foundation the Inter-American Development Bank has established in more than half a century as a vital development partner for Latin America and the Caribbean. We will work hand in hand with the IDB to create new synergies, and we will work with partners around the world to mobilize more funding.

We have a new name, but most importantly, we have a new mindset. We’re investing in the private sector, investing in the region’s future, as never before.

IDB Invest is open for business.